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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

a casual conversation between friends(?)

Patricia : what do you get out of spreading the opinion of mr. stephen?
A: nothing
A: i just feel like doing it
A: coz i agree with him that twilight isn't very's just over hyped
Patricia : see? you're wasting everyone's time. mr. stephen may have his own opinion and you may agree. the hell, i don't even care.
A: uhmmm how am i wasting EVERYONE'S TIME?!
A: i just put it in my stat
Patricia : people may love twilight as much as they wanted to.
A: it's their choice to read it or not
Patricia : if they read it, seconds or maybe minutes of their time is wasted.
A: then it's their fault
Patricia : i know
A: you can't blame the person who wants to express his opinions if the people who read them doesn't agree!
Patricia : i just don't get your point.
Patricia : that's why i'm asking you.
A: in short...I DID NOT waste anybody's time
Patricia : ok?
Patricia : OK. you didn't waste everybody's time. but you wasted mine.
A: ok then sorry, coz i thought you were my friend and sharing my opinions with you doesn't waste your time
A: guess i was wrong
A: friends listen to other friends's opnion....guess your not really a friend of mine...tnx for clearing that up
Patricia : you may share your opinions with me. i just hope that you must also consider ms. stephenie mayer's ideas.
A: what?
Patricia : you may not like her but you may shut yourself up.
A: i told you MY opinion
Patricia : then, i listened!
A: then your time wasn't wasted!
Patricia : i also shared my opinion. girl's do love twilight.
A: then why say your time is wasted?
Patricia : girls are the one who appreciate twilight.
A: then why say your time is wasted?
Patricia : because i don't want to argue with you. you sent me the link, i read the whole darn thing.
A: so....your time wasn't wasted?
Patricia : my time was wasted then.
A: then aren't my friend! if listening to my opnion and clicking my links are a waste of your time
Patricia : i'd choose to not be. pathetic.
A: how do you become pathetic by listening to your friend?!
A: i didn't say you had to agree with me
Patricia : it's just that. i don't get your point.
A: then how is that wasting your time?!
Patricia : and heller. a guy like you would read such showbiz type of articles.
Patricia : it won't improve you as a person
my friend likes a band i don't like...i don't understand why he likes that band....but i don't say that* he wasted my time when he sends* me a song of that band
Patricia : because everyone has their opinion. i do respect yours.
Patricia : i just don't like the way you tell it to me.
Patricia : as if you're better than stephenie.
A: then why would you say i wasted your time? that's just insulting and hurtful
Patricia : you're not even perfect to judge her work.
Patricia : you may criticize, but not to the point that you're insulting other people.
A: did i ever do that to you? did i ever tell you that YOU wasted my time?!
A: no matter how useless some of your messages are to me...i NEVER said that it was a waste of my time...because i know that it is RUDE and INSULTING and you are my friend so i would never insult you
Patricia : YOU'RE THE ONE WHO FIRST SEND AN IM TO ME. i thought you'll give some of your good outlooks. I DON'T ENTERTAIN NEGATIVE IDEAS OF PEOPLE. I USED TO BE SO SILENT but then, WE'RE DIFFERENT.
A: so what is i INSULTED HER
A: why would you INSULT ME?
Patricia : WE MAY BE FRIENDS but as a person, WE'RE TOO DIFFERENT.
A: i ask you this............
A: why did you insult me for insulting her?
Patricia : see? you're ideas are too narrow.
Patricia : you won't understand me.
A: just answer that question....and i'll shut up
A: why did you insult me(your supposed friend) for insulting her(a stranger to you)?
Patricia : ......................
A: a straight answer is all i require...
Patricia : i'll leave it like this.
Patricia : find the answer on your own.
A: i'm asking you
Patricia : GO TO CHURCH. KNOW GOD. you will know the answer.
A: so i would not be NARROW MINDED
A: i don't want god's answer! i want your answer
A: i don't want to answer it...coz i want YOUR opinion
Patricia : is it hard to seek God?
A: YOUR point of view
Patricia : is it hard to seek God?
Patricia : is it hard to seek God?
Patricia : NO.
Patricia : i get so irritated with negative outlooks in life.
A: why can't you answer the question?
Patricia : i'm used to the positive promises of God.
Patricia : i read the bible everyday.
Patricia : i want to be like Jesus.
A: why are you bringing GOD into a question of friendship?
A: i'm a friend asking you a sincere question....and you answer by "ASK GOD" WTF?!
Patricia : i hate the way you say your opinions to me. it's like you want to persuade me that STEPHENIE MAYER isn't a good writer and TWILIGHT SUCKS.
A: so that's why you insulted me
Patricia : what the hell do you want me to say?
Patricia : i mean.
A: the truth
Patricia : what the hell are you wanting me to say?
A: and you just said it
Patricia : what do you want to hear from me? that i do agree that STEPHENIE MAYER AND HER WORKS SUCKS?!?!?!
A: see! no need to call GOD on me
Patricia : YOU NEED TO.
Patricia : because you're too negative on life.
A: just tell didn't like the way i said my opinion
A: and it's done
Patricia : even before, i'm telling you to go to church.
Patricia : when our friendship and closeness ended, you wanted to stop on going to church.
Patricia : duh.
Patricia : you even graduated on a catholic school.
Patricia : you think you're strong enough?
A: which i greatly regret...sorry if it offends you
A: i never said i was strong
Patricia : i know you didn't.
Patricia : i don't want to feel this. hmm. let's stop this conversation. anger and hatred is filling up my heart.
A: i just choose to rely on myself and not ask some DIVINE being for help....i want to stand on my own feet without divine intervention...i want to maximize the abilities he has given me
Patricia : well, that's your opinion. i respect that. OK? HAPPY NOW?!?!?
A: ok
Patricia : i respect your opinion that you may maximize your abilities that God has given without even asking for his help.
Patricia : i respect that. OK?!?!?!!
A: i told you that as an answer to why i don't go to church and stuff
Patricia : we're different.
A: i never said we were the same
A: i just didn't expect a friend of mine to violently react when i posted my opinion
A: that's all
Patricia : i know you're not close to God at this time because you don't have enough problems to approach him.
Patricia : you live a comfortable life
Patricia : you study in a comfortable school, with aircons.
Patricia : you do live in a comfortable house
Patricia : you're happy with your friends.
A: yeah and you're close to God......from re-reading our IM conversation....YOU ARE CLOSE TO GOD
Patricia : time will come, you'll realize that you wasted your time with wordly things that won't ever satisfy you.
A: you follow GOD...YOU are RELIGIOUS
Patricia : and you'll seek for HIS help.
Patricia : i'm not saying that i'm RELIGIOUS.
A: i'm saying your RELIGOUS.
A: i'm the one saying that you are religous
Patricia : OK.
Patricia : OK.
Patricia : OK.
A: didn't you notice
Patricia : OK.
A: you told me i wasted your time, i was narrowminded...but i never said anything negative about you aside from doubting our friendship...
Patricia: OK.
Patricia: that was my opinion.
Patricia: respect that.
A: you insulted me two times...i didn't fight back....i answered with questions....and are the one who goes to church and prays a lot and who wants to be like jesus......and that my friend is why i don't like religion

i'll leave the conclusion to're probably bright enough to get it.

did this really happen? or not? i'll leave that to you

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